Pasta, pasta and more pasta.

You walk to the center of Rome and came peckish?

I can say that this suggestion is just right: Il Pastificio in  Via della Croce.

Pasta, pasta and more pasta.

Two or three sauces to try on a dish of fresh pasta, made precisely the same day, by the Pastificio.
It ‘s a small shop, which is equipped for the lunch hour, and prepare tasty meals to eat quickly.
There you will have to adapt to eating often standing, because there are no tables, but only a few stools, and you will find a large number of young people doing the lunch break!

Instead of the usual sandwich…

Gnocchi, fettuccine, trenette, depends on the day!

Il Pastificio
Via della Croce 8, Roma
From 4 to 6 euros a portion 

Table outside, even in January, in Roma

You are walking in the center of Rome?

Near to the Pantheon? Try this restaurant: Osteria dell’Ingegno!

It ‘better to book because it is always crowded at lunch, given its proximity to the offices of Prime Minister’s office and the Chamber.

It ‘a nice restaurant, friendly, and the soups are to try!
Excellent desserts: creme brulee with orange caramel sauce and bitter orange and ginger cooked pear in caramel sauce with red wine and chocolate…

Piazza di Pietra 45, Roma
info: +39 066780662
closed on Sunday 

Icing on the cake…

A beautiful day, it becomes even more pleasant if you start with a delicious breakfast.

You will find many bars in Rome … and if you are in the Prati area and if you are going to Castel Sant’Angelo … I will recommend this Café: Valadier.

The quality is excellent and the service very polite.

Try their pastries, the “Cannoli” filled with pastry cream, or “Bull’s eye“with jam!

Sip a creamy coffee or a fragrant tea beneath crystal chandeliers, is definitely a good way to start the day!

Via Ennio Quirino Visconti 38, Roma