Where the art begins?

You’ve seen quite a few ancient ruins?

But maybe, you’ll also run into cute characters and over the top, like the artist who often “exhibits” in front of the Ara Pacis Museum!

He has a solo show, you may visiting and strolling along the wire that leads from one work to another…

Eclectic character, a true artist!
Now, with classical music appointment.
So, go straight to Piazza Navona to hear the piano concert, with music by Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Liszt.

St. Agnese in Agone
Piazza Navona, Rome
Concerts in the Borromini Sacristy
at 19.00
Tickets: € 10, entering the Church

Hall of the Catoptrics Meridian at Palazzo Spada

Another famous historic Rome’s Palace is Palazzo Spada,of 1500, which houses the State Council.

Roma, piazza Capodiferro e Palazzo Spada
Roma, piazza Capodiferro e Palazzo Spada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the center of Rome, is famous for the optical illusion of Borromini, visible from thecourtyard, and the collection of paintings of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

But not everyone knows the Noble floor of the Palace!

Closed to the public, EXCEPT the first Sunday of each month, will amaze you with the Galleria degli Stucchi, the Hall of the Four Seasons, the Hall of Pompey …

A must see, the Hall of the Catoptrics Meridian of 1644, which is based on a point of light reflection and not on  a shadow!

Piazza Capo di Ferro 13, Rome
Info: +39 06 87905747 – +39 347 8249859
Tickets: 15 euros
A reservation is required, the visit is guided 

Is there a GHOST in Palazzo de Cupis in Rome?

Here is  a treat not to be missed!
Walking through Piazza Navona and admiring the beautiful Bernini fountains, in these days, surrounded by stalls of  Christmas, you can get lost in a triumph of color and sweet!
If you feel dizzy, then look up ….. but do not be frightened!

I’m kidding, of course ….. BUT on one side of the Palazzo de Cupis, will greet you a small marble head, walled, inside of the facade, that an ancient roman legend says, is that of a ghost!!!

Via Santa Maria dell’Anima 17
To see the “ghost“,,,,, have a look at the facade on Piazza Navona!

………………………………………………see you!