The virtuosity of the Piano:Bach

This, I think is the best way to describe Bach.

Baroque music, finds full expression in his works full of energy, full of virtuosity.
Actually this music, created for other instruments, will find its full realization, in the piano.
If you love the piano, then, do not miss the concert of tonight, Homage to Bach, of Alexander Tharaud, young French talent.


National Academy of Santa Cecilia- Auditorium Parco della Musica
Viale Pietro de Coubertin
Sala Sinopoli, 20.30
Tickets 18 to 37 euros
Presale telephone by credit card: Italy tel. 892982, from abroad +3902 600 60 900

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” The Piano, the Moon and the Fury “

The bad weather did not let up, therefore, to delight and dream, there’s nothing better than a good concert.

Here’s what I propose for tonight: a solo recital, one of the most prominent italians interpreters of the new generation, called “pianist, with magnetic fingers” : Giuseppe Albanese.

Arabesque n° 2 de Claude Debussy

Beethoven, DebussyFranz LisztBela Bartok … for a musical program “of the moon and sun, night and blinding.”

” The Piano, the Moon and the Fury ” – “Il Piano, la Luna e il Furore”
Solo recital, at 21.15
Teatro Argentina, Via di Torre Argentina, 52
Tickets: from 10 to 20 euros

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Loves and passions in the atmosphere of Belle Epoque!

Roma, Oratorio del Gonfalone

A fascinating musical event is what I propose to you tonight: Loves and passions in the atmosphere of Belle Epoque!

The concert will be held at the Oratorio del Gonfalone, in the beautiful frescoed hall of 1500. 

It is located near the charming Via Giulia, and is a jewel of Roman Mannerism and a temple of music with perfect acoustics.


Music of Puccini, Catalani, Mascagni and Leoncavallo.

Via del Gonfalone 32, Rome
at 21.00
Ticket: 15 euros
Info: +39 066875952

An inusual Musical Drink…

Français : La salle Petrassi de l'Auditorium P...

Among the cool events of the season, I suggest you try at least once a “Musical Aperitif” with THE GREAT SYMPHONIES!

An unusual appointment that offers a guide to listening, accompanied by a tasting of some sought-quality beers with cheeses and other specialties!

English: montage of great classical music comp...

The pianist and musicologist Giovanni Bietti, will introduce the public to the knowledge of the topics and authors that recur throughout the season, symphonic and chamber music, of the Academy of St. Cecilia.

The events are focused on Dvorak – BachHandel and Vivaldi– Mozart and Haydn – the great symphonies – Russia – France.

Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale Pietro de Coubertin, Rome
Tickets 10 euros
Info: +39 06 80242355

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Symphony from the New World

It’s cold. The atmosphere of the winter, makes us romantic…
So tonight, do not miss The Concerto in B minor, for cello of the great Mario Brunelloand orchestra, the Symphony From the New World by Antonin Dvorak, and Elgar‘s Symphony No. 1, conducted by Antonio Pappano.


The same concert will be proposed, on January 23,  free broadcast live streaming on

Auditorium Parco della Musica

Viale Pietro De Coubertin
Infoline: +39 06 8082058
tickets from 18 to 50 euros

 Presales with credit card:Italy tel. 892982, abroad +39 02 600 60 900

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Enchanting Baroque Opera Arias

For lovers of Classical music, but also for those who want to attend a unique event of its kind, let me point this gem!

In the magnificent Church of St. Paolo entro le Mura, this evening, there will be a Concert with the most beautiful opera arias, performed by the THE MUSICI VENEZIANI.

The group will sing the most famous opera arias of the Baroque period, wearing precious and original costumes of 1700!
The Church is the ideal setting for concerts of classical music, for its perfect acoustics.

You can buy tickets up to 17.30.


Church of St. Paolo entro le Mura, Rome, h20.30
Between Via Nazionale and Via Napoli
Tickets from 24 euros

Jazz on board an historic tram in Rome

A different evening in Rome?

The Tram Jazz

A night of entertainment that simultaneously offers:
a jazz concert,
a delicious candlelight dinner
a tour of the centre of Rome by night…
in a historical cable car, restored and converted in a travelling restaurant and a concert hall.

Roma - Porta Maggiore
Image by gengish via Flickr

The meeting point is in Piazza di Porta Maggiore at 09.00 pm, by the cable car platform near ticket inspectors’cabin.

Here comes  the historic cable car, a 1947 railroad car “Stanga”. You can see the tables prepared through the windows and the lighted candles.

The band, placed in the carousel at the center of the car, starts the first hint of a musical theme, while you enjoy a flute of dry sparkling wine of Lazio…

Then, got on board, you will travel in historic Rome, accompanied by musical performances of the best Jazz Band, enjoying the delicious food of Lazio cuisine.The dinner is entirely prepared by using regional food and wine and supplied by Enoteca Regionale Palatium in via Frattina.


The tram has a capacity of 38 seats and is divided into tables, numbered from  1 to 12.
The number 1 is the nearest table to the band, while the number 12 is the farthest table.

TRAMJAZZ every Friday and Saturday.
The departure is from p.zza di Porta Maggiore at 21.00 and back in the same piazza at 24.00 ( lasting 3 hours)
Price per person: 65 euros
Info and Booking

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Thank God it’s Friday: the Bolshoi Ballet is in Rome!

For all those who, like me, love the classic  ballet, here is an event for a unique and romantic evening in Rome, the PREMIO ROMA – JIA Ruskaja 2011″


A performance of classical ballet under the Artistic Director, the Étoile, Eleonora Abbagnato.

The Company of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy  will perform in one of the most important ballet “Les Millions d’Arlequin“. Do not miss!

During the evening will be awarded four international prizes and a scholarship at the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow Acdemy.

Fondazione Accademia  Nazionale Danza
Premio Roma, Jia Ruskaja 2011
Compagnia del Bolshoi Ballet Academy
Sala Petrassi at 21.00

Collect your FREE TICKETS at the Infopoint Auditorium Parco della Musica
(subject to availability)
Viale de Coubertin
info: +39 06 3276785742

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A Concert in the Borromini Sacristy

Those who come to Rome definitely visit Piazza Navona! Beautiful square with an ancient history (at the time of Domiziano, 85 AD, the square was a Stadium…), and magnificent palaces to frame!

This year marks the 200 anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt.
If you love classical music, I suggest a wonderful sensorial experience: a Concert in the Borromini Sacristy, in the Church of Sant ‘Agnese in Agone, in PiazzaNavona!

Concert with piano and violin, and music of : Liszt, Schubert, Bach, Schumann,  Mendelssohn.


Sant’Agnese in Agone Church , Concerts in the Sacristy
INFO : Tel. +39 0668192134
TICKETS: You can buy tickets inside the Church, one hour before the concert, or by telephone, at 10 euros.
On line Tickets: 15 euros

………………………………….see you!

TRY the ImPoSSibLe: Uri Caine and Cifariello Ciardi

RomaEuropa Metamondi Festival 2011 

The Foundation  RomaEuropa is one of the most prestigious institutions in Italy and Europe, for the promotion and diffusion of art, theater, dance and contemporary music,



November 15 at the Palladium, the musicians  Uri Caine (piano, classical, jazz, soul and pop) and Cifariello Fabio Ciardi (Composer and author of the project) will perform “Match Nasdaq 0.2” .

More topical than this!

The two musicians intend to duet with an SpA Corporations around the world, gathered in an imaginative orchestra, trying to put into music the “ups and downs” of the Stock Exchange.

(Photo from the RomaEuropa 2011 Brochure)

PALLADIUM, 15 of November
Piazza Bartolomeo Romano 8, Roma
h 20.30
Ticket: from 16 euros
- Fax: 06.57067769
- Web:
- E-mail:

JAZZ FESTIVAL in Rome: Pat Metheny Concert

Here is just what you need for a relaxing Sunday evening…

The  Pat Metheny Trio concert

The concert will take place in  the Sala Santa Cecilia of Auditorium Parco della Musica,  for the 35 edition of the Jazz Festival, “Jazz Appeal”, with the performance of Pat Metheny – Guitars, Larry Grenadier – Bass, and Bill Stewart –Drum.

Metheny’s versatility is almost nearly without peer on any instrument. In his career he has won 18 Grammy Awards and continues to be one of the brightest stars of the jazz community.


Sunday, November 13
Viale Pietro de Coubertin 30, Roma

Sala Santa Cecilia at  21.00
TICKETS: from 40 euros
Info: +39 0260060900 


October in Rome offers a lot!

Do not miss the big premiere of the Rome Jazz Festival this evening ……. I DON’T!

Wayne Shorter – Saxophones

Danilo Perez – Piano

John Patitucci – Contrabass

Brian Blade Drums

Auditorium Parco della Musica, 17 of october
Sala Santa Cecilia, at 21.00
Tickets Price
Stalls, 30 euros

Gallery 1-  25 euros
Gallery 2-  20 euros

………………see you!

Extraordinary Music Concert today in Rome.

You are in Rome? After the last Fashion night, today you can not miss the Classic Music  Concert at  20.30 at the Parco della Musica, Sala Santa Cecilia.

Antonio Pappano will conduct the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia in Puccini’s Symphonic Prelude.


combines technology and culture, in a multimedia project.

This the Live streaming on

For info, tickets cost from 18 to 60 euros.

                                                 This will be the Program…

Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Antonio Pappano, Direttore
Denis Matsuev, pianoforte
Puccini Preludio Sinfonico
Rachmaninoff Concerto per pianoforte n. 2
Čajkovskij Sinfonia n. 6 “Patetica”        


The evening in Rome: Concerts in Churches and Archaeological sites

During the autumn, Rome offers to locals and tourists, the beauty of the concerts in many churches!I always go listen to wonderful concerts in St. Agnese in Agone, in Piazza Navona. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the church and  cost 12 euros.

You can also find many concerts, held free of charge, in the churches that host International groups of Singers and Orchestras.

The last concert I attended was the performance of  Vivaldi Strings Group, at the Oratorio del Caravita, a small church in Via del Caravita, near Via del Corso.

Another very pleasant evening, always with the music, in an archaeological context of rare beauty is the Concerts of the Temple at Theatre of  MarcelloVia del Teatro di Marcello 44, till October 2, every evening from 20.30h to 22.00h.


In case of bad weather Concerts will be held indoors. Ticket cost  21 euro. (18.00 euros  for the Concert  + 3.00 euros for access to the archaeological site)