Tailor for animals? Amazing Fashion…

If you’re planning to visit, the exhibitions Realism-Socialist, the Soviet great paintings from 1920 to 1970, at the Palazzo delle  Esposizioni, do not miss the Art Laboratory!

An exhibition and installation, of the Russian illustrator, Vladimir Radunsky.
In an ironic way, he “sews” clothes for the animals!

The result is a  “Tailor for animals” that exposes, in beautiful display cases, masterpieces like …. a wedding dress for anaconda, a swimsuit for baby hippopotamusliveries for pigeons, trousers for turkeys…..

Funny and smart!… And a little crazy….

“BESTIARIO” Clothes for animals
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Milano 13, Roma
till January 2012 
From Tuesday to SundayFree entrance

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The History of Human Diversity…

At the “Palazzo delle Esposizioni“, the largest interdisciplinary exhibition area in the center of Rome, don’t miss this exhibition:

Homo sapiens
La grande storia della diversità umana”
The great history of human diversity  

Homo sapiens. The great history of human diversity, is an international interactive and multimedia exhibition made up of six sections.

For the first time, an international group of Geneticists, linguists, anthropologists and paleo-anthropologists, has reconstructed the roots and routes of human settlement.

Two hundred thousand years ago, Homo sapiens began the journey from a small valley in what is today’s Ethiopia that led him to colonize the entire planet and to live with other human species, forming the great variety of peoples and cultures that we know.

from 11 November 2011 untill 8 January 2012 
via Nazionale 194, Roma

Full price € 12,50
Closed on Monday
Info and reservations:
individuals and groups tel. +39 06 39967500
schools  tel. +39 06 39967200
You can print at home your ticket with tick@click


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The Art of Food…

May I suggest a charming place for a Sunday Brunch?
OPEN COLONNA Restaurant!

This is the Lounge Restaurant of the Italian Chef Antonello Colonna. A new space  with great design and original cuisine.
Located just above the Palazzo delle Esposizioni  of Rome, has a truly suggestive site! 

Prices are great too:
Brunch- from 12.30 to 15.30, Sunday and Saturday- 28.00 euros

But this  has been a nice discover for a quick lunch during the week, with two smart CITY LUNCH (with a choice between  two fixed menus) at 15 euros.
And the Restaurant is also open from Tuesday to Saturday  from 20.00 to 23.00, for an unforgettable DINNER under the roman sky!

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma
Scalinata di via Milano 9
Closed on Sunday evening and Monday
Info: +39 0647822641

………………….see you(there)!