Lazy walk in Rome:Via dei Giubbonari

When the sky of Rome turns pink at sunset, here we are ready for a walk in the narrow streets of the historic center among ancient lights, religious shrines, and inviting windows shop.


Lazy walk in Rome

I suggest you start from Piazza Chiesa Nuova, along Via dei Cappellari…


Lazy walk in Rome in Via dei Giubbonari Piazza Campo de Fiori

Lazy walk in Rome

…and continue along Via dei Giubbonari.

Here you will find many shops and bakeries, many people walking in a delightful atmosphere, and ancient perfumes.

Via dei Giubbonari


Via dei Giubbonari

Waiting for the sunset, you can decide where to have a drink…



…maybe continuing to Piazza del Pantheon

Lazy walk in rome - Pantheon

See you!

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The mystical union of peoples throughout the world…

Rome is the richest city in the world of  Churches and places of worship.

You will not see them all, and anyway, the richer ones for art masterpieces and history, are the most popular!

A stone’s throw from the Pantheon, the Church of  St. Ignazio di Loyola, is worth avisit.
The frescoes and the fake dome (to see).

And, once you enter, on the right welcomes you the plastic wood of the Temple of Christus Rex.

Around this huge Temple dedicated to Christus Rex, were placed several Temples of various ethnic and religious professions, symbolizing the mystical union of peoples throughout the world.

A work that is worth seeing!

And when you leave, stop and admire the opposite building: it looks like the wings of a theater, like a stage set by the buildings… fascinating!

Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola
Campo Marzio, Roma

Nothing better than a Millefoglie ….

Here is another gourmet address .… for a lunch or a dinner to remember!


In the heart of the historical center a few steps from the Pantheon…

In a building of 15 century, a soft-hued restaurant , Art Deco furniture, it surprises you at the entrance, with an original door of  the 14th century, completely  recovered and restored.

The staff is friendly and the cuisine, to discover … as Paccheri (pasta) with and sausages of Cinta Senese and broccoli from Rome;), or The Creamy Praline Millefoglie with Lime!!;D

I wish you a Happy Sunday!


Piazza Campo Marzio, 6
INFO: +39 06 6830826 

………………………………………………………………see you!