Easter in Rome

I’m back ….
Rome is crowded to welcome the new Pope Francesco!
Walking is even more beautiful ….


Walking from one neighborhood to another,


exploring ancient treasures, between the sacred and the profane..


among street artists,


walking, walking is the best way to visit Rome…


or you’ll miss the most curious corners, through the streets of the historic center …


…and Happy Easter!

The Baths of the Popes:LE TERME DEI PAPI

Cold and cloudy day?
The ancient Romans since the III century BC, well understood what to do to transform a day like this in a moment of pure pleasure: the thermal baths!

And what I suggest you is almost an hour from Rome, but worth the trip!

The Baths of the Popes- LE TERME DEI PAPI
…. the name itself …

This spa resort became  later a favorite destination of many Popes, in medieval times.

The monumental pool of over 2,000 square meters is fed from the Bullicame source: sulphurous-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline fluoride with its 58 °C, has always been valued for its therapeutic qualities.

The pleasure to dive into the steaming  water in the winter months, makes this place unique and beautiful as well as healthy.



Opening hours: 09.00 – 19.00 – Saturday night – 21.30 – 01.00

Closed on Tuesdays.
Tickets price: Weekdays € 12.00 – € 18.00 pre-holiday – Festive € 18.00 -Children € 8.00 – € 20.00 Saturday Evening Night
Strada Bagni, 12
01100 Viterbo
INFO: +39 0761.3501

……………………………………………………..see you!

Lazy sunday? Quirinale Palace and Concert.

Did you planned a Sunday morning  lazy walk in Rome?  Delightful.

But why don’t you plan a visit at the Quirinale Palace, symbol of the Italian Republic?

Built in 1583 it was the Pope’s summer site, and it later became the Palace of  Royal Savoy in 1870.

From 1946 is the seat of the President of the Italian Republic.
As well as being an important task in terms of historical and political heritage, it enchants for the artistic works of the XVIII century artists as Bernini, Kidney, Fontana and many others.

You may also assist at 12.00 at the free Concert in the Paolina Chapel! (From October to June)
The programming ranges from classical to medieval repertoire from the baroque to the ethnic heritage and popular music of improvisation to sophisticated forms of contemporary expression, from the recovery of old instruments to the transcript of interpretations of repertoires also surprising.
Tomorrow will perform at piano Claudio Curti Gialdino.

Piazza del Quirinale
Every Sunday from 8.30 to 12.00

Ticket: 5 euros
Info: +39 06 46991

……………………………..see you!