Rome at the sunset

Rome at sunset … don’t miss it!

No sky in the world reflects the orange glow on the monuments like in this city.
An inhabited “museum city”, the cradle of civilization, music and history.


The Roman Forum, the center of Roman public life for over a millennium, was built at the end of the seventh century BC, in the area where, until then, there was a swamp.


Walking through the ancient ruins at sunset is poetic and fabulous and then let your gaze explode in the lights on the bridges of the historic center.

What a fantastic place for declarations of love…


See you!


I VETRI A ROMA at Forum Romanum

Visiting the ancient Rome, whilst watching the archaeological panorama, I suggest you do not miss this gem: I VETRI A ROMA -The glass in Rome.

Glass. Precious, delicate, this is a show dedicated entirelyto the art of glass.

Rome, Forum Romanum
Rome, Forum Romanum (Photo credit: batigolix)

In a beautiful environment, the Curia Iulia, in the Roman Forum, you can see around 300 pieces of pottery, jewelry and mosaics, which date back to the II century. BC.

This was one of the most fertile periods, in glass processing, in ancient Rome.

With the techniques learned in travels in the East, the artistic production reached amazing levels!

Curia Julia, Foro Romano
Tickets: 12 euros
Monday to Sunday
(with the same ticket, you can enter the Colosseum and thePalatine Hill)

The ancient stones speak of us!

Pictures, photos and still photos! And in a wonderful environment: The Ara Pacis Museum!
The shows that I propose is a fascinating  journey into the history of Italy.

Through 50 macro works in black and white by Pino Musi, tells the Greek civilization to Agrigento, Syracuse and Paestum, Cerveteri Etruscancivilization and the civilization of the Roman ColosseumRoman Forum, Pantheon, Pompeii, the Via Appia Antica and Villa Adriana in Tivoli.

Capture and beautiful places of Christian worship as San Vitale and San’Apollinare in Classe, Ravenna, (I lived for many years in that area in northern Italy and I assure you that these churches are spectacular!)

She continues her journey through Italy from north to south, capturing the diversity and magnificence of the architectural spaces that are part of theItalian collective memory 

drawing of viavisconti

Ara Pacis Museum
Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-19.00
Admission: 9 euros
Info: +39 060608

………………………………………………………………… see you!