I saw a mermaid in Rome

Here is an address for the real fashion victims: Via delle Carrozze 81.

What will you find?
Swimwear but… Haute Couture.

Each swimsuit is a work of art, almost tailor-made, combined with long sarong, or shorts, tops, tunics, trousers …
In the boutique there is a feeling of times past, a little Saint Tropez, a little “sixty”!

The Roman aristocracy, and not only, frequent this boutique for the quality and, above all, the uniqueness of its swimsuits!

Considering the prices, (several hundred euros each), they offer a  repair and maintenance  swimsuit’s service!

Who wears a swimsuit of these, made ​​by hand with unique details and fabrics, it will always feel “dressed”!

It is not by chance that many swimsuits for several films, have been created by this brand!

Definitely an investment… but they can also be used as tops for evening wear!

Via delle Carrozze 81, Roma
Info:+39 066793946

…………………………………………………………see you…splash!

Icing on the cake…

A beautiful day, it becomes even more pleasant if you start with a delicious breakfast.

You will find many bars in Rome … and if you are in the Prati area and if you are going to Castel Sant’Angelo … I will recommend this Café: Valadier.

The quality is excellent and the service very polite.

Try their pastries, the “Cannoli” filled with pastry cream, or “Bull’s eye“with jam!

Sip a creamy coffee or a fragrant tea beneath crystal chandeliers, is definitely a good way to start the day!

Via Ennio Quirino Visconti 38, Roma

Warm up the winter with a nice glass of wine!

This address is reserved for those who love to drink GOOD: Il Simposio!
It ‘a lovely place, nice and , as the word of Greek origin suggests,  a banquet, dedicated to the meeting, to discuss, exchange opinions, accompanied by food and wine!
Do not confuse the Restaurant with the adjacent wine shop …. look for tall doors adorned with branches of vine leaves and in wrought iron!

At the Wine Bar you can enjoy sandwiches, cheeses, meats, and an inviting carpaccio with a glass of wine selected from the many!

I find that the Symposium, is very glamorous in the evening, even before a concert!

Piazza Cavour, 16, Roma
info: +39 063203575
closed on sunday