The mystical union of peoples throughout the world…

Rome is the richest city in the world of  Churches and places of worship.

You will not see them all, and anyway, the richer ones for art masterpieces and history, are the most popular!

A stone’s throw from the Pantheon, the Church of  St. Ignazio di Loyola, is worth avisit.
The frescoes and the fake dome (to see).

And, once you enter, on the right welcomes you the plastic wood of the Temple of Christus Rex.

Around this huge Temple dedicated to Christus Rex, were placed several Temples of various ethnic and religious professions, symbolizing the mystical union of peoples throughout the world.

A work that is worth seeing!

And when you leave, stop and admire the opposite building: it looks like the wings of a theater, like a stage set by the buildings… fascinating!

Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola
Campo Marzio, Roma

The Bouganville “frame” the story!

For a charming aperitif, stop at Piazzza di Pietra, a beautiful square in the center of Rome, where you can sip a drink while watching the Temple of Adriano!

This Roman temple, is located on one side of the square, in the ancient region of the Campo Marzio, and it dominates with its majestic columns dating back to 145 AD.

Through an incision of the sixteenth century, we can see how the temple was also used as a fortress.

A delicious Bistrò  for a a drink in this square, just in front of the Temple…. is the SALOTTO 42, set in a frame of Bouganville❀✿❃✼❀✾!!!

…………………………………………………….see you!

Piazza di Pietra
Closed on Monday