Rome: a Saturday in September

The week has passed … and is Saturday!
What can I do?

1) First stop: Antonini  for a “Cappuccino and cornetto vuoto”

Historic bar, on Lungo Tevere Mellini, for a fantastic quick breakfast!

2) Next stop: the Aventino, and the famous keyhole of the Cavalieri  della Croce di Malta.

To get there:

 from Piazza Cavour (nearby),

–  Bus 87 and get off at the Imperial Forums,


 – Bus 60 and go down at the Aventine.

Not even 50meters  and I am in one of the most beautiful hills of Rome.

  Legend says that all the Aventine Hill, is a huge ship sacred to the Knights Templars, ready to set sail one day to the Holy Land. The part that goes down to the Tiber was the bow, the maze of gardens and shrubs were the ropes, and the obelisks were the masts.

To find the Cross of the Order of the Knights of Malta, just look for a crowd of people and get in line. It is not easy to photograph this spectacular view…

3) Hungry?

The “Antica Birreria Peroni”, Via di

San Marcello 19, is a fun but chaotic!

And is perfect if you want a bit of confusion, attended by many employees who work in the area … and then on Saturday is a bit better!

To get there:

from Circo Massimo ( 50 m away)

– Bus 60 and get off at Piazza Venezia,

– 300 meter walk to Via di San Marcello!

Last time I ate a “Scamorza con alici” and a Tiramisù! No bad… 😉

FAO & Parks in Rome

The FAO, the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture, has launched a call for all countries to join forces to create an international partnership for the conservation of  forests. The International Year of Forests, was opened on February 2th , 2011 in New York.

In many parks in Rome you will find initiatives to approach , especially childrens, to the delicate issue of respect for nature!

Villa Borghese

Villa Celimontana

Villa Panphili

Villa Torlonia

Villa Sciarra

Villa Carpegna

Villa Ada


 Parco del Celio

Parco del Pincio

Parco degli Scipioni

Parco dei daini

Parco degli Eucalipti

Colle Oppio


…and many others!!!

A quick way to see more than one Park ?


Sccoter and bicycle rental!       😉

Will you marry me?

Here is a suggestion for a declaration of marriage: The Gianicolo!!!
This is one of the most spectacular views of Rome …..
One of the most romantic places……..

You can easily reach  the Gianicolo

with the bus n 115, called Navetta Gianicolo – Gianicolo Shuttle, that stops in Piazzale Garibaldi…on the top of Rome!