Best souvenir…

Among the tours, you will find many ideas, pasta, coffee, and if you’re really careful, even the “Moka“: the classic Italian machine for making coffee!

Although globalization has taken away the joy of discovering something truly original, however, bring with you a piece of memory.

One of the most delicious things are the gloves, especially for women. You will find many shops with models more or less original and colorful.

Personally I find that simplicity is  class!

One of the best shop is on Piazza di Spagna, on the right of “La Barcaccia”! Another nice one is on Via della Croce!

But, if you are in Rome on 16 March 2012,  you can join the non-competitive Rome Marathon. At 9.oo am at Colosseo.

It is a leisurely walk to which everyone can participate as one of the 80.000 annual protagonist! You can register at the Marathon Village until the day before the race:7 euros, including official T-Shirt. That’s a souvenir!

Walking and dining in a lovely road…

You walked on foot all day? You have admired many artworks and archaeological sites?

But you know that you walked on a piece of history ? On the  Sanpietrini, the cobblestones.

The term Sanpietrini ( “cobblestones“), because were first placed precisely in St. Pietro Square,  means the typical pavement in the historical center of Rome. It consists of tiles, cut into cubes of a truncated pyramid, arranged side by side to other, previously used for the paving of the Roman roads.

After so much walking, it’s worth heading to Via Margutta at the rear of the buildings on Via del Babuino,  was originally a lane where there were warehouses and stables.

It is a lovely road, quiet, you can breathe air free from pollution,  in the heart of Rome, seems to be a “way out the door,” fragrant greenery and vineyards, and therefore favored by artists, painters, sculptors.



Right here, (reservations are required) you can dine in a truly delightful Osteria MarguttaPerfect menu: “Rigatoni all’amatriciana, Saltimbocca alla Romana, and chicory.” Price on average…

   I’ll give you the recipes in the next appointements                                                                                                                                    … if you like!

Yes, I’m a tourist!

When you are on vacation, you may lose much of what there is to see. Often organized tours offer a lot but are standardized.

That’s why I prefer to arrange the holiday alone, and if I can, try to use the advice that others have given me!

One of the things that tourists do not often, is to queue for  the best ” Grattachecca“of Rome.

You will find the kiosk of  Sora Maria in Via Trionfale.
The “Grattachecca” is a feature of Roman granite, made ​​precisely with ice “crumbs”from a single piece of ice, and topped with different syrup and pieces of fresh fruit, cedar, coconut, for few euros!

And do not panic if there are thirty or forty people in the queue,,,, it’s worth it! Believe me, ask for “La Super Mista”!! Yum……