Will you marry me?

Here is a suggestion for a declaration of marriage: The Gianicolo!!!
This is one of the most spectacular views of Rome …..
One of the most romantic places……..

You can easily reach  the Gianicolo

with the bus n 115, called Navetta Gianicolo – Gianicolo Shuttle, that stops in Piazzale Garibaldi…on the top of Rome!

Rome Movie set

ome, the explosive, curious, magical city!

Wandering the historic center, do not miss the funniest sights, such as boutiques paved with mosaics and improvised movie set in the most picturesque locations!

Via dei Coronari

Piazza Navona

… do not forget to take pictures,

your memories are drops of joy!



Do you  want to relax and have fun ?












Till the 31 of August you can walk on the Banks of the Tiber and have a drink listening to some music!

And you can continue from the Terrace of the Gianicolo, or head to Ponte Milvio, full of bars and people….

About Ponte Milvio…. here the young guys in love, had begun to attach the locks to a lamppost , to symbolize their love forever !!

The chain of love!

The guys began to arrive from all over Italy and beyond …;;;; up to cover almost all!

They’ve even made a movie!

Ah, l’amour!