Fashion in Rome: Crafts wins!


                                      Italy is one of the landmarks. But what makes the difference?                                            

I propose a test….

Which is the necklace that costs

350 euros?

n) 1

n) 2

n) 3

n) 4

You think the price is attributable only to more or less precious materials used?  Or do you believe that also the value of craftsmanship, the hand-made, is the real added value?

Well, all these necklaces, all very nice, are Costume jewelry, not gold, platinum or silver jewelry…

BUT, if you are in Rome, walking in the centre, in Via del Seminario 112, near St.Ignazio Church, take some time to visit the ART of RECYCLE, next to Dakota Bar!

It ‘a small exhibition where you will find the Creations of Harriet   a lovely lady who designs and produces handmade vinyl jewelry!

And the prices range from 8 euros for very

stylish hand-

painted vinyl earrings, 

to get 45 Euro upwards, for the most “precious” necklace obtainedwith the elaboration of the Zip, as necklace n) 3!

By the way…the most expensive necklace was ….n) 2!!!!

Did you guess?                                                                           🙂 See you!

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