You get into the SISSIROSSI boutique for the stylish handbags, with a particular luxurious allure, and you remain pleasantly surprised by how much these bags are “easy” to wear!

I entered in the shop greeted by the smile of  Wiola, the Sales Manager, and she has described me the care behind these bags!

Born into a family of leather goods makers, Sissi Rossi, design with a  contemporary and understated style.

Practical and strong, functional and elegant.

As the bags in soft cowhide leather, from 445 euros, or the bags in fox fur, at 750 euros. 

All this explains why the key element attached to the bags is an innocent Safety pin, but the brand symbol is a  strong Female mantis!

SISSIROSSI Store, Via Vittoria 3b, Roma

……see you!

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