The “Ancestors of the Graphic”: Leonardo and Michelangelo.

 “Leonardo and Michelangelo. Masterpieces of graphic and Roman Studies “

Unique event in the middle of the historical Rome: for the first time are exposed, in the Capitoline Museum, 66 drawings that compare two masters of the Italian Renaissance: Leonardo and Michelangelo.
Through the graphic works of the two collections, one can appreciate the work in Rome of the two artists, while exploring personal interests and passions, such as the the practice of construction of  Michelangelo and Leonardo’s interest in the optical.

Anyone who is passionate about architecture, graphic design, but also mechanical inventions, the study of geometry, hydraulic, mechanical flight and the flight of birds, optical, up military architect…. can not miss this Great Exhibition!

LEONARDO E MICHELANGELO. Capolavori della Grafica e Studi Romani.
From Tuesday to Sunday- 9.00-20.00
Ticket price: 12 euros 
INFO: +39 060608 

…………………………………………………….see you!

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