Romantic fantasy show at The House of Jazz

The House of Jazz, at Villa Oslo, a unique location dating back to the ’30s , has an auditorium with a seating capacity of 150 seats, designed for multi-functionality.

It hosts concerts in general or, as on this occasion, fantasy events.

For today, dedicated to lovers, it’s scheduled a show at 21.00:”Memories of a Hobbit in the notes of Keith Jarrett,” a completely original new interpretation of the Talkieniano world extrapolated from the Lord of the Rings.

(Drawing of viavisconti)


If however, you want a romantic dinner… then, the Restaurant proposes a   Valentine’s Day menu!

So,  you can whisper loving words, enjoying hearts of potatoes with a sauce of sea bass, mazzancolla with oppidum sauce and orange puntarelle , cakes and chocolate…


CASA DEL JAZZ – The House of Jazz
Viale di Porta Ardeatina,  Roma
INFO:+39  06704731
Performances from 19.30 1lle 22:30
Sunday from 11.00 to 13.00
Tickets from 5.00 to 12.00 euro

Valentine Menù– 25 euros (drinks not included)
INFO: +39  067008370 

……………………………………………………………..see you!

Shabby chic gift!

Invitation to dinner?
If you has an invitation to dinner at home of  Italian people, I assure you that a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine are more than welcome!

But, if you are friends, then you can also think of an object for the landlady …

So, here’s a cool address, in the PRATI district, a short walk from Castel Sant’Angelo.

Between design objects and shabby chic, you might really find a cute gift!

My last purchase was a black rattan basket with applications of red berries of wood…;D

Via Vittoria Colonna 30
INFO:+39 0668805959