FAO & Parks in Rome

The FAO, the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture, has launched a call for all countries to join forces to create an international partnership for the conservation of  forests. The International Year of Forests, was opened on February 2th , 2011 in New York.

In many parks in Rome you will find initiatives to approach , especially childrens, to the delicate issue of respect for nature!

Villa Borghese

Villa Celimontana

Villa Panphili

Villa Torlonia

Villa Sciarra

Villa Carpegna

Villa Ada


 Parco del Celio

Parco del Pincio

Parco degli Scipioni

Parco dei daini

Parco degli Eucalipti

Colle Oppio


…and many others!!!

A quick way to see more than one Park ?


Sccoter and bicycle rental!       😉

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