Trick or treat? A “dreadful” sweetness…

Trick or treat?

If I had not eaten them, I would have published a post talking about the trendiest outfits of the moment!!!

Et voilà
…. these sweet temptations are masterpieces, created by the Pastry Chef  Valentina Gigli!
She creates all kinds of cakes for any occasion! (6 euros per serving)

You do not believe in what you will see in her Pastry shop, until you don’t surrender the pleasure of a delicious Cupcake (2.50 euros each) or a Cookie (1.00 euros each)…

I was really  captured by the great fantasy and, of course, the heavenly taste!
Excuse me… I’m tasting the special Carrot cake WOW!

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words…
So … ready for Halloween … there is a cool shopping bag full of sweets for only 15 euros!!!

Valentina is waiting for you, with her staff, to make it memorable, dreadful, scary ….but veeeeery sweet!

Believe me, it’s worth, it’s worth…

Valentina Gigli
Cake And The City
Via Orazio 15
phone:+39 063232607


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