Via del Corso, shopping and the Icecream…

SHOPPING Time! Starting from Piazza del Popolo (at the foot of one of the 7 hills of Rome) get ready to face Via del Corso, which separates the trio of streets called “Trident: Via del Babuino, Via del Corso, Via di Ripetta.

Nice street full of shops, to avoid on Saturday and Sunday, however, because too crowded!

Before you start your shopping trip, stop by to observe the twin Churches, S. Maria dei Miracoli on the right, and the  S. Maria in Montesanto on the left. This last is also known as the Church of Artists since 1953.

They are often set up exhibitions and concerts of sacred music. Although in Italian, from October to June,  it’s nice to attend Mass that, every day at noon, is typically celebrated with music and sacred readings are recited by actors. At the end of the Mass is read the Prayer of the Artists.

Then, between a purchase and the other, an ice cream at Venchi, can not miss it! In Italy is famous for chocolate, and  can be found in Via della Croce, more or less half of   Via del Corso on the left!

And there’s a good chance to meet me there!

Or, if you feel like something salty, get a sandwich at Focacci gourmandise, always in Via della Croce!

I recommend:Un panino arabo con prosciutto cotto e carciofini!, the “Arabic bread stuffed with ham and artichokes”!

Just ask and they will prepare it at once. Cheap and very tasty!

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